Our annual APCH music album is officially released! The students worked hard this year to create 17 tracks, written/composed/performed/produced/engineered by the students THEMSELVES!



Support their hard work by purchasing on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-loving-home/id871841507

Stories from Home…. RELEASED on iTunes!

stories from home (cover art)

Download now.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson + APCH Music!

LA-based Composer/Arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson will be producing a project with our students at APCH.  It’s an exciting opportunity for our students to get international exposure.  So please support his indiegogo campaign and make the project a reality!
(you can catch our music coordinator Charles Kim in the video!)

APCH Opens for Diana Ross at the Nokia Theatre!

Half a year ago, APCH had one of its most exciting performances to date.  Our kids got the privilege of opening up for Diana Ross at the Nokia Theatre!  Celebrate with us by watching them fly!

APCH Flutist Gerry Lopez @ Berklee!

“My time here at the Berklee College of Music Five-Week Program has been one of the greatest of my life. The material that is being covered here is real material that can be used in the real world, and the courses are being taught by real world professionals. I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and college life is something I am looking forward to. Most of all though, I have enjoyed developing myself as a musician, finding my path and taking pleasure in immersing myself in it. These few weeks have been perhaps the greatest weeks of my life.“    - Gerry Lopez, Flute

We have many opportunities for our members here at APCH, with scholarships to study music seriously at major institutions as one of the stellar ones!!

Introducing Emile Martinez

We would love to introduce you to our new ensemble and brass instructor, Emile Martinez!

emile martinez.

Before runnin’ around LA’s nightly scene as a trumpeter/composer/producer, he is right here at A Place Called Home, empowering our young artists with the tools necessary to navigate the new world of sounds, industry, and music forms.  Not only is Emile a native of South Central, but he comes to us as a Presidential Scholar from the Berklee College of Music, meaning that he’s considered a top talent nationally.

We are grateful and blessed to have great instructors here at APCH.  Cheers to a member to the family!

Check out this clip of him teaching:


ISAtv on Bullying: A Special Feature on APCH!

So not too long ago, some good friends of ours over at ISAtv filmed their 3rd episode of Secret Stage at A Place Called Home!  The featured artist was Lil Crazed, who highlighted the subject and epidemic of bullying, an issue that hits too close to home here in South Central Los Angeles.

But enough talk, check out the incredible work the ISAtv team has done!


Summer is Upon Us!

Summer is a crazy season, isn’t it?  You are supposed to enjoy running around outside under the burning heat of the sun.  It sounds so strange, yet we all love it!

A Place Called Home is no different.  Each summer, we host a wide variety of programs, activities, and just overall fun!  The Music Department, in particular, is especially excited for what’s to come.

FIVE fantastic reasons why you should call APCH Music Department “home” for the summer:

1. AIR CONDITION.  Our professional recording studio and music bungalow can provide shelter from those blaring rays!

2. FREE MUSIC LESSONS.  Come explore music from a whole host of genres: folk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, you name it!  And receive professional instruction from our amazing teaching staff in many instruments: piano, bass, guitar, violin, woodwinds, drums, studio production, songwriting, etc.

3. ACCELERATED MUSIC PROGRAMS.  Our department just started a great new initiative, AMP.  It is a great track that pushes students from beginning levels up to advanced.  Partnered with the Berklee City Music Network and their PULSE teaching method, we supplement instrumentation with music theory instruction as well as ensemble work!  We also offer scholarship opportunities for students who go on to study music seriously in college!

4. COMMUNITY.  Not only are these programs offered in the heart of South Central’s community, it is also an opportunity to create community with fellow students, musicians, and teachers!  This is what APCH knows best: that we all can grow together, learn from each other, and empower one another.  Music is possibly the most visceral and beautiful way to manifest this.

5. YOU CAN END UP ON TV!!! Check out our contemporary music ensemble, 29Live, on a TV taping with Gayle Anderson of KTLA Channel 5!

For clips of TV airing:
Killer Joe
Music Scholarships
the Musicians
APCH Fundraiser 

For more info, please contact:

Charyn Harris, Conductor of Music Programs: 323-232-7653, x209
Charles Kim, Music Department Coordinator: 323-232-7653, x246