Young people at APCH are instructed and inspired to develop their creative voices and technical skills to create digital art and media. Use the navigation bar to the left to check out our photos, videos, and music clips!

For a quick taste:

  • Waiting
  • Here We Go
  • Art Department Collaborates with Create:Fixate – “Branching Out”
  • “Advice” by Elementary and Middle School Level Students
  • 2017 Stars & Strikes Celebrity Bowling Tournament
  • New Year’s Race 2018
  • On Saturday, January 8, 2017, APCH members and staff set out to enjoy this fun and exciting 5K/9.3 Challenge. Some of our staff and members have been running this race since day one in 2013. Thank you, Jive Live for making APCH your featured┬ácharity partner and for all of your support, we'll see you again next year!  

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